Thursday, June 14, 2007

McDonald's Meltdown

Say it ain't so!

Two McDonald's in The McChronicles home region are either closed or closing.

This recreation/vacation community's McDonald's went from being year-round to seasonal, to closed. The series of pictures show the sad evolution. At the top we see the store when it was rocking. In the middle we see the store as it sat, mothballed, during the winter season. At the bottom we see the store as it sits today, stripped of much of the McDonald's logo,
signage, and flags. How sad.

Now the closest McDonald's is about 1 hour away.

New Hartford's Sangertown Square Mall has had a McDonald's for years. It was just announced that this store will close at the end of June.

This store was extremely handy - and a favorite of The McChronicles. The crew was usually very friendly. While there are other McDonald's nearby, we have lost this great option while within the mall.

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Images: The McChronicles.


haasertime said...

yesterday i went into mcdonalds and i ordered a water.

the lady informed me that they dont have water, only bottled water for sale.

that just about blew my mind.

i did complain on their corporate website, and i know they'll get back to me. i told them that i realized some people abuse the selfserve pop machines, but its still bullshit.

just wondering if you could do some sort of statistical research about how many mcdonalds dont serve the most abundant natural resource on earth.

McChronicles said...

Can someone from McDonald's comment on the policy for giving away tap water (versus selling bottled water)?

THANKS, in advance.

mckroes said...

thats so sad! Here in the netherlands about 7 stores are closed down (in the last 2/3 years). Because of bad sales... 2 closed down McDo's are to be found in my collection.

Greetz mckroes

Mike said...


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You can reach me at

Appreciate it and thanks again for a great site.

Anonymous said...

There is no real "policy" in place by corporate for serving water. The franchise i worked for gave the option of filtered or bottled. Many places now have a complimentary cup design which is for water only so its easier to sot customers who steal pop. believe it or not most customers are honest and only get water.

mcchronicles said...

Thanks for the feedback and insight.

haasertime said...

thanks anonymous. i'm going back to that mcdonalds soon and i'll report back as to wether or not my bitching to corporate made a difference.