Thursday, March 08, 2007

The McChronicles: GRILLED

A Hamburger Today recently spoke with The McChronicles for their GRILLED interview series.

The McChronicles has enjoyed AHT, and has followed their work studiously. And why not? Adam Kuban is an accomplished professional writer and an avid food blogger. We've learned a lot from him.

The interview is not embellished and altered like so many other experiences we've had with the media. It appears true to the actual experience. What a refreshing treat.

It truly is an honor to be included in Adam's work. Enjoy as The McChronicles is GRILLED.

Please do let us know your opinion of the interview.

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Image: AHT screen grab.

1 comment:

Slice said...

Thanks for your kind words, Mr. McChronicles. I try not to play with any of our subjects' words when I email-interview them. I choose interesting people to "grill," so there's no need to cut words or edit too much -- aside from minor copy-editing and such, that is.

Thanks again for participating and your thoughtful answers.