Thursday, November 09, 2006

Big Mac Value Meal: Blended

The McChronicles LOVES A Hamburger Today. This is a burger blog with a passion!

So, it is no surprise that we drop by for a visit frequently. Today they led us to something that, in a word, is COOL! A Hamburger Today led us to WillItBlend is an ingenious online tool depicting the capabilities of Blendtec's line of extreme blenders.

OK - so the point? You guessed it. Blendtec's Tom Dickson's uncle Floyd is Jonesing for a McDonald's fix, but he doesn't have any teeth. No problem. Blendtec proves that, yes, it blends, by dropping a Big Mac value meal into their super duper blender.

Check out the Big Mac Blender video.

Thanks to A Hamburger Today (again).

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