Monday, June 19, 2006

Drive Thru Experience Blog

The McChronicles received a comment today from "Anonymous" (again!!!, that dude is everywhere) who made some good observations, and who then informed us that they had started a brand new McDonald's Drive Thru blog. Sounded cool!

So, we swung over to their site to check it out. We were disappointed as it is clearly intended to be a negative site. Their introductory paragraph reads as follows,
"This website is dedicated to all the people from all corners of the world who have ever visited a McDonalds (sic) drive-thru and all they received was a bad taste in their mouth."

Our only hope is that the negative postings that accumulate conclude with some positive thinking that will enable any necessary improvements. That would be a positive thing.

Best of luck.

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Image: McDonald' screen grab.


Kyle J said...

Looks like the owner of that site changed the description of the site. It now reads 'good or bad taste in their mouth'...wonder if they found this post!

McChronicles said...

Thanks for the comment/update, Kyle.

The McChronicles enjoys and seeks-out fair and even-handed comments & observations on the McDonald's brand experience. We're pleased to see this modification to the Drive Thru blog. We hope they receive many interesting and valuable comments.

Kitlat said...

It's great that you took the time to let them know that it's not about the negative and the venting, it is about the constructive criticism and the compliments.

Fille de Papier said...

Hey, if you want to check out the other side of the drive thru, check out Zen Drive-Thru @

Craig Maginness said...

I located your McChronicles blog after doing some follow up research to a post on my Going Global blog about foreign McDonalds being used as real world laboratories for international market research. Given that McDonalds is such an American (and increasingly global) cultural phenomenon, it is clearly worthy of a good blog or two, and yours is far and away the best of the contenders.

I've checked back on your blog regularly since first finding it and have been disappointed to see no new posts in almost a month. I am hopeful that this is because you are enjoying a great summer vacation somewhere away from your computer. But if its for lack of encouragement, let this be at least one voice asking you to get back in the blog-o-sphere.

McChronicles said...

Thank you.

The McChronicles is back in action after about 1 month of "distraction". It's all good, though, so don't worry.

In fact, we've been on a very active campaign (at various McDonald's stores) in the past two weeks. And we're gearing up for another of our famous international tours. Great fun!

Thank you so much for your comments and interest.